Developing, piloting and validating smart care models in Danube region for supporting social innovation, improving competences and entrepreneurship

The recent unfavourable demographic processes left their significant stamp on the labor force in whole Danube region. The mobility opportunities left whole regions without qualified persons. The young people seek better work opportunities in bigger cities or abroad, which has left the elderly people living in rural and urban areas living alone. In order to revive the regions and to encourage the population to be a part of the labor market and at the same time to quarantee the access to general services for elderly population we have to admit that new, innovative and cross-sectoral services are needed. Therefore D-CARE action is focused on establishing a transnational cooperation network that will design, test and implement the model of Innovative Learning Environments for elderly people 55+, in 9 Danube regions, in order to facilitate the creation, validation and deployment of smart care services that will strenghten and integrate regional social and healthcare systems by improving competences and generating innovative smart care models. Danube region needs to better capitalize on the potential of of its increasingly changing and diverse population.
The project vision is applied from the consortium building stage. This means that it envisages a strategic integration at horizontal, vertical and geographical levels: i.e competences, activities and sectors. The project addresses the upper mentioned societal challenges through its three main action pillars:
1) Innovative Learning Networked Environments
2) Smart Care Pilots deployed in 5 project regions for development, testing, validation and implementation of smart care models
3) Transnational Policy Learning Center for smart care policies design
Thorugh D-CARE results, 8 Danube regions will have improved capacities and skills to meet the employment needs of its population and elderly people will receive new smart care services.


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